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Beach Yoga and Yoga Retreats!

Beach Yoga and Yoga Retreats!

Beach Yoga and Yoga Retreats!Beach Yoga and Yoga Retreats!

Bring peace, light & love into everything you do...

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About Me

There are many things I love about yoga, the foremost being that yoga brings people together as a community.  What calls us to yoga and what we take away from yoga is different for each one of us.

As a student, I drop judgment, expectation and competition.

As a teacher, I advocate safety, mindfulness, self-expression and most important...HUMOR!

I am a Hatha flow teacher.  My classes focus on matching breath and movement: using the breath to bring openness and awareness throughout the body.

We learn to breathe through meditation, we learn to breathe through challenging poses, we learn to breathe through effortless poses and we learn to let it all go in svasana (final relaxation.)

We laugh, we cry, we stretch and strengthen.  We are YOGA.

The energy that is cultivated during class through the asanas (postures) and the pranayama (breathing), easily rolls off the mat and spills into our daily lives.  Bringing more awareness, contentment and harmony
into our community.

- Kerri Sheybani, RYT, Cloud Nine Yoga



Beach Yoga Classes

A mindful, soft flow of gentle asanas with attention to breath. Excellent for developing grace, flexibility, balance, and strength while creating an inner calmness. For the beginning student or those searching for a relaxing yoga experience. Come listen to the waves. 

Please bring a large beach towel or yoga mat and don't forget your sunscreen.


Registration open to all 1/17/2020

Monday 4-5pm  1/27-3/30   53348

Wednesday 9-10am  1/29-4/1   53350

Saturday 9-10am  2/1-4/4   53351

10 weeks for $130


Registration open to all 3/23/2020

Monday 4-5pm  14/13-6/8

Wednesday 9-10am  4/15-6/10

Saturday 9-10am  4/18-6/13

No classes the week of 5/25

8 weeks for $110

Registration and payment are handled through the City of Redondo. 

Sign up online at 

Or call 310-318-0610 ext. 3460.


Receive & Release Yoga Retreats

2021 dates coming soon!

Count me in!

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